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Re: FC5 - ssh freezes

Michelle Gates wrote:

Recently installed FC5 on a new HP server... installed it into our colo site
and am seeing some strange behaviour. When I ssh into the box, the command
line freezes if I request too much info. Something as simple as 'ifconfig'
or even 'ls' will cause my session to freeze after about 3 lines of text.

Has anyone encountered this before? Could it be some strange hardware

Any help appreciated as my boss has put a ridiculous time-line on this

I used to see a problem like this when ssh-ing into my home machine from work. The problem went away when I used shorewall's "CLAMPMSS" setting on my home machine's firewall (i.e. it would appear that there was something blocking path MTU discovery).

I'm not sure how you set up MSS clamping if you're not using shorewall, but perhaps someone else might have a suggestion for that.


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