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Re: Debian seems to have forked cdrtools

On Thursday 07 September 2006 02:13, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Wednesday 06 September 2006 12:20, Nigel Henry wrote:
> >On Wednesday 06 September 2006 17:24, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> On Wednesday 06 September 2006 11:13, Tony Nelson wrote:
> >> >At 9:07 AM -0400 9/6/06, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> >  ...
> >> >
> >> >>Now, if someone could tell me how to coax my US keyboard into
> >> >> properly spelling your name with the ommlauts over the o, I'd love
> >> >> it, ditto for the beta and copyright signs.  I could do that with my
> >> >> old amiga keyboard. Hint hint...
> >> >
> >> >System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layout Options -> Compose Key
> >> >Position.  Choose the key you want, or note the current selection.
> >> >Close dialog.  Type <key>-" (<key>-shift-', a dead key if it works)
> >> >and then type "o".  In general, the dead key to use is punctuation
> >> >that "looks like" the desired accent mark.
> >>
> >> Mmm, with my now ancient kde, the choices are us and international, so
> >> I just set it to international, so Jorg is still Jorg, anything else
> >> opens up a requestor menu as kde is intercepting them.
> >
> >Hi Gene. Try Alt-Gr+Shift+Colon.  This is with the US intl on KDE, FC2.
> > It's a dead key, so you'll need to add the vowel you want to add the
> > umlaut to.
> That doesn't seem to want to work here, Nigel.  It takes a second keystroke
> after the first o which has no response, but the second o, while still
> holding the left alt+left-shift+:, spits out a single uppercase O.  And in
> kmails composer, that keystroke combo opens the 'options' menu in the
> composer.
> I miss my old amiga, it had a valid character for almost any keyboard combo
> you could think of.

Gene. It's the Right Alt you need to use. On my keyboard this is labelled 
"Alt Gr" .  But carefull about the sequence of the keys.  I'd initially tried 
the combination out in Gedit, and here it doesn't matter if you press the 
Right Alt, and the Shift key at the same time, but in Kmails composer I've 
found you need to press them sequentially.  You need 3 hands for this by the 
way!  So the sequence is. Right Alt, then add the Shift, then holding both 
keys down click on the Colon (just once, as if you click on it twice you'll 
see the umlaut, and will have to start again).  Right. You've clicked on the 
Colon.  Now release the Right Alt, and the Shift, and click on the "o" , and 
you should have an รถ.

This is getting darned complicated.  I've been using the Canadian keyboard 
layout for a while, as I wanted a Querty keyboard, but with the French 
accents, and had enough of a job finding those on it initially.

All the best.


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