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Re: Re-installing FC5

Timothy Murphy wrote:
: Dean S. Messing wrote:
: > : but there are a several advantages in the opposite direction too.
: > 
: > I don't know of any, other than speed, but ...
: One obvious advantage of an upgrade is that if you try a fresh install, 
: and it fails, you may be left without an operating system.

True if one does not take precautions.  As I said before, I _always_
move the filesystems on {/, /usr, /var, /tmp} to a single spare
partition, configure a boot floppy with an MBR to boot this, and test,
before beginning a new install.

Another reason I do this is that it always takes me a long time to tweek
the new system to where I want it---firewall, ssh configs, and a hundred
other little things.  Since it is my work machine I am usually upgrading,
I need to boot the old system to get any work done.  It helps to
have a heavily partitioned file space (which I have).


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