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HP printer accessible from WindowsXP when using FC5 ??

Hi all;

I have an HP printer running successfully on my downstairs Linux OS
(FC5); it also runs on my dual booted WindowsXP downstairs. However. I
can't seem to get the network configuration right so that the upstairs
computer, exclusively WindowsXP (my wife's), can find my downstairs HP
when I am in Linux. WindowsXP (upstairs) to WindowsXP (downstairs)
prints fine. And, I get no joy from Windows help or newsgroups or RedHat
manuals or help.

Do I have to set something else up in Linux so the Upstairs WindowsXP
can find my downstairs Linux and HP printer? If so, what?
I have spent almost a full day on this issue. I am sure there is some
personal stupidity involved, but none-the-less, "off it didn't go" for

In the WindowsXP machine, I went to the network add printer; chose the
anonymous account; put in the URL as 
and got the warning "you do not have access to the printer. please try a
different user name or password."  Any other address configuration which
I tried gave me a "not connected" message.

I have tried replacing anonymous with name: bill pw: *********
and root ******* but continue to get the same warning.

My CUPS for this printer is set up for any host.

I have double checked the following with nmap
IP ==> (downstairs computer)
and with http://localhost:631/admin ==>
psc-1310-series---1 (Default Printer & Name) 

My home network consists of two computers connected independently to a
router and then out to the Internet through a cable modem. 

I tried LinuxPrinting.Org but their forum is a news group to which I
don't have access.

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Regards Bill

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