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Re: installed CPAN but application still doesn't work

jim martin wrote:
> Is there a way to upgrade FC1 to FC3 without reinstall all the applications ?

Yes: burn the upgrade DVD or CDs, boot from it, and follow the prompts.
The install program will detect that you're upgrading.

Note, however, that some people have reported problems with upgrades
(especially those that miss versions) that you wouldn't get with a clean
install. It partly depends on how much you've customised your install.

At this point in time, if you're installing from scratch (and
reinstalling applications), it's a *much* better idea to go for FC5 and
get more life out of your distribution -- or, if you want to keep your
PC on the same version of the OS for three years, go for something like
CentOS (a rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

You may actually find that most or all of the programs you want are in
Core or Extras anyway, these days, and that reinstalling them is a
yum install program

Hope this helps,


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