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Re: HP printer accessible from WindowsXP when using FC5 ??

William Case wrote:
> I have an HP printer running successfully on my downstairs Linux OS
> (FC5); it also runs on my dual booted WindowsXP downstairs. However. I
> can't seem to get the network configuration right so that the upstairs
> computer, exclusively WindowsXP (my wife's), can find my downstairs HP
> when I am in Linux. WindowsXP (upstairs) to WindowsXP (downstairs)
> prints fine.

In this situation, I'd recommend sharing the printer through Samba. I've
got a very similar situation set up where the printer is shared with the
same name under Windows and Linux, the computer has the same NetBIOS
name in either OS, and the same user name and password are used. In this
case, *my* wife doesn't have to know which OS I'm booted into -- it
works the same either way.

Out of interest, which printer -- I'm using an old workhorse LaserJet 4.

Hope this helps,


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