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Re: HP printer accessible from WindowsXP when using FC5 ??

Thanks James;

I am glad you appreciated the little bit of fun I was having.

On Thu, 2006-07-09 at 21:08 +0100, James Wilkinson wrote:
> William Case wrote:
> > I tried Samba.  That is what took up most of my day yesterday.  I didn't
> > mention it in my post because I got it so screwed up.  To set it up as
> > you suggest, what information do I need, keeping in mind that I do have
> > the home network working for Windows.  Normally I would just go to my
> > manuals and experiment a bit.  But I got to tell you, at the moment me
> > and Linux are rapidly losing household points.  I have only a few more
> > times left that I can bounce her off her computer while I 'fix' the
> > printer.
> Oh dear. Wait until she's out? Ask if you can use her computer to check
> something on yours while she's out?

Yes.  Actually I do know exactly what I have to say and do until I get
this fixed.  However, after 30 years of marriage I have learnt one
thing; she understands family politics as well as I do.

> > These are double checking questions.  I am pretty sure I know the
> > answers but I don't want to check twice: What is the NetBios name? Or,
> > where do I find it in her WindowsXP?
> The "computer name" -- you'll need the NetBIOS "workgroup" name, too. 
> I think Samba will use your hostname as a default -- if you've called it
> the same thing (e.g. "william", and not "william-fedora" or
> "william-xp"), it should default to the right thing.
> Can you see your computer from hers through "My Network Places"? Can you
> see global shares? Can you browse home directories?

Her "My Network Places" shows me my system when I am in WindowsXP, but not 
when I am in FC5.  But I will check out exactly what I can see.

> These seem to be the important settings:
> [global]
>         workgroup = westexe
>         server string = James' computer
>         hosts allow = 192.168.0. 127.
>         printcap name = /etc/printcap
>         load printers = yes
>         cups options = raw
>         log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
> [homes]
>         comment = Home Directories
>         browseable = no
>         writeable = yes
> [printers]
>         comment = All Printers
>         path = /var/spool/samba
>         browseable = no
>         printable = yes
> [data]
>         path = /media/data
>         writeable = yes
>         browseable = yes
>         valid users = emily
> Check the log files, too (/var/log/samba/*) -- they can be helpful.

Thanks James, the above is the reassuring doublecheck I needed.

> > Where would I check what the user
> > name and password are?  I was hoping to use anonymous or guest.
> Surely you either enter a username and password, or click on a picture
> with a name beside it when you boot up XP? 

Nope.  She likes to be as close to DOS as possible.  Passwords etc. just
frustrate her.  She is an extremely bright lady -- so don't make me try
to explain. 

> That's the username. As for
> the password, if she doesn't have one, I *think* XP will remember
> passwords -- there may be a checkbox to tick. You may be able to use
> smbpasswd to set her a blank password.  


> (Make sure this is well
> firewalled!)
> Hope this helps,
Should help a lot.  I'll get the printer going after dinner.

Regards Bill

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