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Re: FC5 Screensavers

Aaron Gray wrote:
I have both xscreensaver-gl-extras and xscreensaver installed but cannot see them in the screensaver preferences dialog :(
The two newly introduced gss programs mentioned in an early posting might help display all of the installed screensavers. I upgraded to the updates-testing version that are upgraded versions as of recently.

The gnome-screensaver program unchecks the xscreensaver-demo choice on the menu. In order to get the xscreensaver to appear on the menu, you need to right click on any of the three submenus while you hover over the menu bar. When you select "Edit Menus" there will be a preferences heading in the left panel for the menu editor. In the right panel with preferences selected in the left panel, there will be an icon for xscreensaver with a tv screen with a flame and a lock as content. This is the xscreensaver menu that was hidden because of gnome-screensaver being the default. After you select the checkmark, you should see this selection under system > preferences > screensaver (with the flame). You will be prompted to start the daemon for xscreensaver. From there, you should be able to customize your xscreensaver menu.

Regarding gnome-screensaver and the improvements, I did not like the all random, one selection or blank screen limitation. The hack does make it more appealing, but the inability of not being able to unselect various screensavers from the available screensavers is still a major regression in my view.

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