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Re: HP accessible from WindowsXP [SOLVED] -- Unbelievable !!

Hi All;

For any of you who have been following this thread.

I have the problem fixed; by making sure the samba configuration was
entered correctly (Thank you James, Anne and Tom) and then finding the
following tutorial on the linuxprinting.org site

" 4. 1. Sharing the CUPS queues to Windows clients
You also need to take care that the names of all your printers are not
longer than 12 characters. If a queue name is longer,
edit /etc/cups/printers.conf to modify the queue name and then activate
the change with the usual "killall -HUP cupsd". CUPS has no on-board
tool to rename print queues, but some other printer setup tools, like
"printerdrake" in Mandriva Linux, have."

My printer was named "psc-1310-series---1" -- 19 characters in all.  It
wasn't the name I originally gave it.  The name appeared several months
ago after I had been experimenting with 'something'.  Probably supplied
by kudzu or Anaconda or something else.  It worked, so I left it.  In
any case, it is not a name I would choose.  So something in Fedora
hasn't read the Samba or Cups manual.

It could have been a combination of things, but as soon as I renamed my
printer HP-psc-1315 (11 characters), WindowsXP could find my printer.

Regards Bill

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