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Re: Program Lookup Failure

On 2006-09-08 11:05, Anne Wilson wrote:
> Every day logwatch reports the following: 
> --------------------- Automount Begin ------------------------ 
>  Failed mounts:
>     .directory          Program Lookup Failure 13 Time(s)
>     net                 Mount Failure 13 Time(s)
>  ---------------------- Automount End -------------------------
> In October last year Claude Jones suggested that autofs could/should be turned 
> off unless it is known to be used.  He said that it would not affect mounting 
> usb devices.  He didn't say, however, whether it would affect the pop-up 
> behaviour when a data disk is inserted into a CD/DVD drive.
> Question 1 - does it affect CD/DVD drives?


> Question 2 - the man page makes it sound as though autofs is pretty essential, 
> being used during bootup.  Would shutting it off impact on this?

Are you referring to the sentence:
"Usually autofs is invoked at system boot  time  with  the start
parameter and at shutdown time with the stop parameter."?
That refers to the script in /etc/init.d and is true for any script
there that is enabled.  It only means that the autofs system is enabled
automatically during boot, when so requested.

autofs not essential for bootup.

> Question 3 - what else do I need to know?

Look in the file /etc/auto.master.  If there are no uncommented lines,
you can disable autofs with impunity.

Sjoerd Mullender

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