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Re: Spam on the Rise. Any new tips?

James Wilkinson wrote:
> Anthony Messina wrote:
>> how am i stopping processing email?
> It helps if we know how you receive e-mail. If it's through fetchmail,
> stop fetchmail from running. If it's through a MTA (something like
> sendmail), stop the MTA while you do sa-learn and then re-enable it.
> Any incoming e-mail will be retried (unless it's spam -- you're
> effectively greylisting everything while the MTA's down).

well i see what you're saying. i believe the original author was asking
if there were any new tips to reduce the spam on the rise, or something
to that effect.  since what i have done was new to me, i thought i could
share it, as it was so simple.  i have used spamassassin with mediocre
results for a while because i never bothered to train it.  now that i
started training it (about a week ago), i am catching and tagging about
96%-97% of all spam with absolutely no false positives (i'm sure i'll
get one sometime - but for now...).

my setup:
postfix mta using spamassassin as a *post-queue* content filter.
i use postfix's built-in rules to reject as much crap as possible before
it's accepted. currently, each user has Junk and Non-Junk folders that
are the training base for sa-learn, using the cron job i mentioned
earlier in this thread.

i don't stop anything with this setup. (we're you all thinking i was
using spamassassin as a pre-queue content filter?)

of course, i only have about 45-50 email users here so i don't have the
constraints of a system with a large userbase.

currently, no greylisting effect occurs while sa-learn is running and i
don't stop anything.  it just works well.

Anthony -  http://messinet.com - http://messinet.com/~amessina/gallery
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