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Re: install FC5 FC4 fails

FC6 test 2 failed too, (after FC5 and FC4) the same way. therefore, the
version of the kernel is very probably not the cause of the failure.

Its hard for me to believe that a commun MB is not supported (Intel says
linux supported, and i updated the BIOS).

- Is there any kind of mistake that i could have done when i plugged the
hardware ? or when i setted the BIOS choices ?
- If i have to use another MB, what would you advice has a safe choice.


I guess there are certain hardware level features implemented by
manufacturer to enhance performace or functionality (for windows)
which is not understood by linux. I tried to install FC5, then tried
FC4 then SUSE 10 but all three stopped with different error message.
What I remember is FC4 says its USB related error while other two gave
different error. Also tried to install in text mode but no luck.

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