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Re: Program Lookup Failure

On Friday 08 September 2006 12:52, Sjoerd Mullender wrote:
> On 2006-09-08 13:26, Anne Wilson wrote:
> >> Look in the file /etc/auto.master.  If there are no uncommented lines,
> >> you can disable autofs with impunity.
> >
> > Thanks for the clarification.
> >
> > There is one uncommented line:
> >
> > /net	/etc/auto.net
> >
> > Probably that is what is causing the messages.  However, can you explain
> > to me what that line is doing?  Thanks
> That tells autofs to use the file /etc/auto.net when you try to access
> files under /net.  Normally, auto.net makes the NFS-exported file
> systems from other hosts available.  E.g., assuming foo.example.org is a
> host that exports / and /usr, then /net/foo.example.org is the / file
> system of foo.example.org and /net/foo.example.org/usr is the /usr file
> system of foo.example.org.
> If you disable autofs, then you won't be able to access those hosts
> through /net anymore (although you can still mount them explicitly).  If
> you're not doing that anyway, then disabling autofs won't do any harm.

Perfect, thanks.  /net is empty, so it can't possibly be needed by this 
system :-)


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