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Re: screen resolution


FYI: DDC should detect the monitor type on instillation if the monitor and display card support it.

Short for Display Data Channel, a VESA standard for communication between a monitor and a video adapter. Using DDC, a monitor can inform the video card about its properties, such as maximum resolution and color depth. The video card can then use this information to ensure that the user is presented with valid options for configuring the display

This should be picked up by Fedora.

Thufir wrote:
On Sat, 9 Sep 2006, Thufir wrote:

From: Thufir <hawat thufir gmail com>
Subject: screen resolution
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.general

I'm just starting to research screen resolution.  I want to safely
increase my screen resolution, but first need to make notes on how to
recover, via the fedora rescue CD, in the event things go wrong.

At this point I'm just thinking aloud, but please do chime in!  :)

'If you want resolutions above 800*600, you will need to Change it from generic monitor, to generic 1024×768 Monitor (or whatever resolution you want), and then you will be able to select higher resolutions from the drop down list.'

So, apparently, I just need to change the monitor type.  To confirm, FC5 is the first Fedora version to use modular X?  I'm running FC5.


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