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Re: Emulating I. E.6

On Sat, Sep 09, 2006 at 09:03:04AM +0100, Keith Powell wrote:
> I need to occasionally connect to a U K government web site to get 
> information.
> However, in their wisdom(?), they have designed the site so that it is 
> only accessible using Internet Explorer6. On the Home Page, which is the 
> only one I can access, there is a statement saying this. Links to the 
> other pages don't do anything!
> I have tried using other browsers, but it is indeed only IE6 which can 
> be used.
> Is there any way to get Konqueror or Thunderbird to emulate IE6? I don't 
> want to put IE on my computer and run it with Wine. Or is there another 
> Linux browser which will pretend it is IE?

Try the suggestions to change how Konqueror and Firefox identify
themselves. If those don't work, get wine (winehq.org, or in extras)
and install IE6.

I haven't tried setting up wine for a while; the last time I did it
was so bad I gave up and bought Crossover Office, which has much
better setup and is more stable than any wine release I tried.

Also, please lodge a complaint with the web site
maintainers. Government web sites are supposed to be open to all,
etc. You know, all that democracy we're supposed to be bringing to
Iraq... Haven't some UK government agencies swithced to Linux on the
desktop? If so, what are they to do? What are Mac users to do? It
might also be fun to complain to your MP.


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