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Please help - spent a week 24hr/day, no results. Wouldn't not want anyone me 
to suicide? I got fc5.

Windows detects the UPS with no problems, with out any additional settings. On 
unix, I use /dev/ttyS0 (this is 100% correct, since windows is run on virtual 
machine on the unix box).

So, when I try to use the same software from developer (IPPON, Model Back 
Power 500 - "DUMB" UPS), written on Java and works and looks the same as in 
windows, it can not detect the UPS (does no see anything) on the /dev/ttyS0, 
on which windows within vmware detected it no problem.

I reckon I gotta set up some stop bits, parity and speed on the port.

"setserial" is no longer widely used, to I think "stty" is what I need.

THE QUESTION: what and how do I set up the device so that programs (apcupsd, 
nut, vendor's software). And am I on the right way?

Some comments: 
* /dev/ttyS0 is rw under the id I work. root's execution does not help either. 
* kermit with 9600 connects and nothing received or echoed back.
* Whilst running programs under unix, /dev/ttyS0 is vacant.

Appreciate your help.


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