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Re: Non root users account logins terminating within 10 seconds

Aaron Gray wrote:
> Just logged in to be told my account had terminated within 10 seconds.
> Root is okay but new accounts terminate.
> Oh. Logging in from remote over SSH they are fine.
> The only things that I have done recently is to change the SELinux
> permissions to Permissive from disabled and back again. Oh and install
> ies4Linux in root but that should not effect anything.
> Oh. and failsafe mode logs into the account okay.

I'm not familiar with ies4Linux -- from where did you get it, and how
does it install? (Is there an install script, an RPM, or do you just
un-tar it?)

Then there's always rpm -Va, possibly piped through grep
(e.g. rpm -Va | grep -E ^..5 to show all files with a modified md5sum)
to see which files have been modified on the system.

Hope this helps,

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