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Re: System Hang with 2GB RAM, 1.91GB swap

Khoa Ton writes:

This could be the new RAM DIMMs being not quite compatible with my
ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard, but I wanted to check with the group to
see whether it may be because the swap is only 1.91GB and not more
than 2GB, the amount of physical RAM?

Nope, not unless you're running into a kernel bug due to your new memory configuration. It's very likely that the RAM is bad, but there's a small chance of a kernel bug, that's worth exploring.

The only good way to test for that would be by setting up a serial console. You'll need another PC. Connect both of them via the serial port, using a null-modem adapter. See the boot prompt howto for instructions on setting up a serial console. Run minicom on the other PC, make sure that your ASUS PC's boot messages are getting captured, then leave everything running. When the screensaver locks up, see if you captured an OOPS or a BUG.

PS: I'm running XGL/Compiz (very sexy 3D GUI) which is not
production quality, but it's not hanging with my 1GB RAM in place.

You can also ping the machine, off the network, to see if it's just X that's locked up, but the machine itself is funny. Once a month something gets screwed up when I boot my laptop, and X won't come up. The keyboard is dead, but the kernel itself is up. I log in from another machine, over the network, kill and restart X, then everything's fine.

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