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Re: System Hang with 2GB RAM, 1.91GB swap

Brian Chadwick wrote:
Khoa Ton wrote:
I installed FC5 initially with 1GB RAM.  The swap partition
was set up automatically by the installation on /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol01
to be 1.91 GB.

I just replaced the 1GB RAM with 2GB dual channel RAM (OCZ Platinum
OCZ2P8002GK in particular), and am finding that my system is hanging
after left idling a long while.  It hangs with the fireworks screen
saver frozen in place.

This could be the new RAM DIMMs being not quite compatible with my
ASUS M2NPV-VM motherboard, but I wanted to check with the group to
see whether it may be because the swap is only 1.91GB and not more
than 2GB, the amount of physical RAM?

Thanks for any input,
Khoa Ton

PS: I'm running XGL/Compiz (very sexy 3D GUI) which is not
production quality, but it's not hanging with my 1GB RAM in place.

sorry to have bad news ... but its either a compatibility problem or flakey ram ... try memcheck (on the rescue cd) to check out your new ram

Thank you Brian.  I booted from the install DVD and typed memtest86
at the "boot:" prompt.

It reported memory error as you suggested, somewhere around the 1.5GB
mark for certain tests.  I tried running the memory slower (lowered to
667MHz down from 800MHz via BIOS settings), but it still erred out.
The memory is going back to the store, and I will be testing all memory
in this manner before deployment.

Best regards,

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