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Re: How to record traffic between Evolution and POP Server

Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> ATT does offer a web-mail interface, which shows that I have no email
> pending.  Nevertheless, evolution shows repeatedly that it can't fetch
> the message with ID ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI.  I suspect that you are
> right about Evolution trying to fetch a message that isn't there,
> because clicking the configuration box "Disable support for all POP3
> extensions" in Edit->Preferences->... makes the problem go away.
> I would still like to look over the traffic, so I can figure out what's
> going on and maybe do something about it.  I vaguely remember some
> environment variable that will cause Evolution to log its traffic with
> the server, but no-one has been able to remind me what it is ... So it
> looks like it's time to break out WireShark.

Perhaps Evolution has stored some state information in your home
directory and is confused. I would suggest to delete ~/.evolution (yes
you would loose all your configuration and mail already downloaded... an
alternative is to simply move away this directory somewhere else) and
see if this helps.



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