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Re: Watching CNN video [FC5]???

On 9/10/06, Christopher A. Williams <chrisw01 comcast net> wrote:

I just confirmed the same with the binary RPMs. Version 3.31 from
Sourceforge works only with the noembed=1 feature set. Interestingly
enough, I also verified that Livna's version 3.25-1 also does not work
correctly and exhibits the same behavior as Sourceforge's 3.31.

I then rolled back to Tomas Chung's version 3.25 and verified that it
works with noembed=0 set and plays within the same window.

I had to watch the CNN playback of the Space Shuttle launch a few times
in doing this, but that's OK... :) I don't understand what the issue
could be, but perhaps someone with higher knowledge than I can find it.

By the way, I meant to say Stanton Finley
(http://www.stanton-finley.net) before. I don't know what came over me
to mix that one up...

I tried uninstalling my version 3.31 from sourceforge and installed
the 3.25 version from
but this onw completely freezes trying to playback without any notice.
So I revert it back to sourceforge version 3.31 and it looping like

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