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Re: How to record traffic between Evolution and POP Server

Lai Zit Seng <lzs pobox com> wrote:

Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
ATT does offer a web-mail interface, which shows that I have no email
pending.  Nevertheless, evolution shows repeatedly that it can't fetch
the message with ID ALwwvs4AAB//RP55HQdLMjcw/zI.  I suspect that you are
right about Evolution trying to fetch a message that isn't there,
because clicking the configuration box "Disable support for all POP3
extensions" in Edit->Preferences->... makes the problem go away.

I would still like to look over the traffic, so I can figure out what's
going on and maybe do something about it.  I vaguely remember some
environment variable that will cause Evolution to log its traffic with
the server, but no-one has been able to remind me what it is ... So it
looks like it's time to break out WireShark.

Perhaps Evolution has stored some state information in your home
directory and is confused. I would suggest to delete ~/.evolution (yes
you would loose all your configuration and mail already downloaded... an
alternative is to simply move away this directory somewhere else) and
see if this helps.




cd ~/.evolution
find . -type f -exec grep ALwwvs4AAB {} \; -print

You can then attempt to edit the file that contains the reference to the message.


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