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Re: screen resolution

On 9/10/06, Phil Meyer <pmeyer themeyerfarm com> wrote:
Most good graphics drivers will ignore the settings for resolution in
xorg.conf, and query the monitor itself.  Check your /var/log/Xorg.log.0
file and search for 1920z1200.  You will see that it set the default by
Well this wasn't the case at least as recently as fc3 or 4.  I had been running in 4:3 mode for a while as none of the guis had generic lcd screens for widescreen resulotion.  It wasn't until i finilaly figured out the xorg.conf stuff that I was able to use widescreen.

However, for monitors that don't identify themselves, user
system-config-display to set the monitor type, then go back to the
resolution tab and all your available screen resolutions will be
displayed as options.

Yup, now that widescreen options are available as well.

To further muddy the waters, most monitors will get picked up correctly
by anaconda, but then NOT picked up correctly by the first default run
of system-config-display.  You will notice the monitor identification by
anaconda during the install as stage2 loads.

So, if system config-display doesn't get it right, simply identify your
monitor, then select resolution, then save and log out to restart X.
Easy, but should not be necessary, I totally agree.

For laptops and almost all LCD displays, the default settings for LDC
Panel NNNNxNNNN will work just fine.  No need to dig through the long list.

That is because resolution is based upon horizontal and vertical
frequencies, and almost all LCDs run at 60HZ anyways.

Some newer LCDs can run at 70-76HZ, so check on the net before taking my
word for it.
see: http://www.ephaseone.com/product.asp?PID=MONCTXS700B

Even so, Identifying the monitor to system-config-display has only the
effect of making more resolutions available to choose from on the list,
but all LCDs should be run at max resolution in any case.  (IMNSHO)

See my other reply to Aaron Konstam.  I am not having any problems with my display.


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