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Re: FC5 : burn ISO with K3B under Gnome??

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 19:27:50 +0100, Anne Wilson wrote:

> On Sunday 10 September 2006 19:19, Beartooth wrote:
>> I downloaded the live CD of Puppy Linux, and tried to burn it to a CD. K3B
>> has a specially setting for burning ISOs -- the puppy page had told me to
>> look for that -- but only for DVDs. K3B wouldn't let me use it.
>> I don't often burn any CD, and may be making some obvious error. What
>> is it??
> There shouldn't be any problem about burning the CD with Tools > Burn CD
> Image.  I've often done it.  It's a silly mistake in the menu that
> particularly mentions ISO on the DVD one but not on the CD one.

Aha! I had started, when K3B launched, with the upper right choice of the
four canned ones, making a new data CD. Trying it now from Tools > Burn CD
Image, with a new CD.

When I tried booting FC5, on the machine it wouldn't boot from, and just
attempting to open the CD, I got an error message saying that the name
indicated "raw CD image," while the contents indicated "Word perfect
document" [sic!].

The new burn just completed, announcing success (as it had before). Will
now try to boot from the new one.

[short pause]

Bless you! Sure enough, it booted straight to puppy. Many, many thanks! 

I have a highly intelligent, learned friend and hunting companion who runs
fancy stuff under Windows, just because he hates all things Apple so much
(as do I; I sympathize with him there). I've been looking for a long time
for a way to persuade him to try linux. 

He just told me Picasa had been ported (through wine) to linux, and that
he couldn't live without it; but svlug tells me several extant linux apps
(well, two or three, at least) are better and easier. With 9/10 of the CD
still blank, and what I read of puppy, I bet one live CD can be tailored
to it plus those apps. I may convert him yet. 

Besides, I'm interested in live CDs generally, as recruiting tools, and
puppy sounds particularly fascinating, especially now that Knoppix fills a

Thanks again, most heartily!

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
What do they know of country, who only country know?

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