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FC5 freeze

Hi All, 
I am just wanting to seek some advice and recommendations as to what is
different between Windows (XP SP2 + all latest updates) and FC5 (+
latest yum updates).

My notebook which is a dual boot system with FC5 and XP, has (again)
randomly begun freezing while running FC5. If I am using FC5 it can
freeze at any moment, if I am using XP will is guaranteed not to freeze.

I am at a loss to explain it. I have always thought it was a hardware
fault, but if it is, shouldn't it happen under both operating systems?

I am guessing now the fault is something in relation to how FC5 is
accessing or utilising the resources of the notebook. Does anyone have
any thoughts / opinions on this?

I have run details diagnostics on RAM, HDD, battery, etc etc and they
have all come up OK.

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