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Re: dual boot with Fedora and NTFS on windows: is it safe ?

On 11/09/06, John Que <qwejohn gmail com> wrote:
When installing dual boot with FAT /FAT32 on the Windows partition, it
is safe to boot to linux, mount the windows partition (as vfat) , than
create files on the Windows partition, delete files on the linux
partition, etc.

Is it also safe to do this when the windows partition is NTFS ?
I remeber that in the past it was unsafe to do it , and it was
recommended to mount the NTFS as read only. But time passed since
last time I invesitgated this topic.
Does anybody has an experience with mounting windows NTFS parition from linux
and writing/updating/deleting files there?

Personally I'm not sure.  However I was looking at this topic again
recently (since it seems I might finally have to give up on Win Me
and start using at least 2000), and it's seems that the linux-ntfs
project <http://www.linux-ntfs.org/> has had some recent success
producing a user-space read-write implementation.  It's based
on FUSE and still in testing, but it looks like things are finally


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