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Re: Problems with a disk from RAID array

On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Przemyslaw Gawronski wrote:

> > You'll have to delete the array for that.
> OK, I managed to do that under windows, without a RAID controller. There
> is no way to do it under Linux without a hardware RAID controller?

Ok. You are being inconsistent. Either this is _hardware_ RAID (in which 
case the OS has little to nothing to do with the issue - you need to go 
into your BIOS interfaces and 'un'-RAID the drives) or it is _software_ 
RAID - in which case you just need to reformat the drives.

You said before it was _hardware_ RAID. Windows or Linux makes no 
difference to hardware RAID. Now you are implying you don't have a RAID 
controller - which implies you are using _software_ RAID. So which is it? 
Software or Hardware?

You've implied that you are running RAID0 (2x40GB -> 1x80GB). If that is 
true, you can probably break the RAID by simply physically *disconnecting* 
one of the drives before you start installing. One way or another that 
will disrupt a RAID0 array.

Benjamin Franz

"It is moronic to predict without first establishing an error rate
 for a prediction and keeping track of one’s past record of accuracy."
                    -- Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled By Randomness

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