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Re: noatun crash on mp3

On Monday 11 September 2006 20:35, lostson wrote:
>  Hello
>  I have been trying to get noatun to play mp3 but when i do it crashes. I
> have installed kdemultimedia-extras per the instructions on many sites i
> have visited. Juk won't play them either. Is anyone else experiencing this
> and if so have you been able to fix it, thanks.

I don't think you'll have any success with Noatun and MP3's. MP3's are a 
problem, as there are issues involved in including MP3 support into some 

I use Mhwaveedit, which will play .wav, .ogg, and .mp3's. Admittadly it's 
really an editor, but plays the files well, and will also record stuff.

It's available as source code from.

to compile it you will need to have, libsndfile-devel, and libsamplerate-devel 
installed. To play MP3's you will also need to install "lame" which you can 
get from either Dag's repo, or Freshrpms in the case of FC5.


Sorry. I can't give you the URL's for Yums sources list, as I use Apt, but 
there are no dependencies for lame so you should have no problems installing 
it if you just DL the rpm's.


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