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Re: Evolution Pain

wwp wrote:
Hello Robert,

On Sun, 10 Sep 2006 20:14:57 -0400 Robert L Cochran <cochranb speakeasy net> wrote:

Evolution just doesn't seem ready for prime time, at least on x86_64 boxes like I have. It is by far the most unstable of my Fedora Core 5 applications -- it quits unexpectedly or stops responding at least once an email session, and often several times. The address book is too difficult to use -- for instance it won't autocomplete email addresses, and often an address you thought you added to the address book is lost in the bit bucket. I notice it takes way too long to download email -- longer than Mozilla Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook or Outlook Express.

I guess I'll try Thunderbird for a couple of weeks and see if it is any improvement. I tried it in the early, pre-1.0 versions and after several weeks it arbitrarily munched all my folders, leaving about half the contents of each one "invisible". I hope this version is an improvement.

You could also give Sylpheed-Claws a try!


Many thanks for this and all the other suggestions. A really nice feature of Thunderbird (and some other mail clients as well) us that it applies message filters and tucks each message into its respective folder as the message comes in from the server. That gives me a quick visual indication of the message volume and what types or categories they are. Evolution doesn't do this for you. First it reads all the messages off the server in a long, slow process. Then it filters them into folders. Then, it expunges emails from the server, taking more time to do so. Only then can you begin to review your email. Evolution will crash when you open a mail or click "New" to start a new email.

Bob Cochran

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