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Re: FC5 system lockup with video display frozen

Paul Johnson wrote:
I've seen more posts about frozen systems in the past 2 weeks, and I
could use any help/ideas you have.

I have two FC5 Dell desktop optiplex GX270 systems and both, possibly
co-incidentally, started locking up and crashing about 2 weeks ago.
These have a lot in common, but they were not purchased at the same
time and so they don't have the same MOBO.  Both have software raid,
usb keyboards and mice, nvidia 5200FX cards.

I had a similar problem that you describe with a GX270 awhile back. The problem was on a system with an integrated Intel 865G video.

The server crashed and displayed whatever was happening at the time ther X server crashed. No X server processes were reported when I ssh'ed into the box. You could also ctl-alt-Fn to a terminal, supply your login and password and reboot the system, copy logs and whatever you can do without a working display.

The bug has not effected me for a long time now. nobody fixed the bug intentionally. It was fixed when the Intel 810 driver was patched to accommodate dual-head for the Intel 830 graphics.

I think that it is related to the Nvidia driver or some odd characteristic of the GX270 motherboard which might be triggered by the changes. I do not have problems presently with the GX270 which I currently use. It uses a PS2 mouse and keyboard and not USB devices. One thing about Dell and the GX270 MB, it uses the same number for many different variations. Good luck pinning down the problem.

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