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Re: Problems with a disk from RAID array

> Start from scratch.
> Post the complete hardware configuration.
> What you have, and what you are trying to achieve.

I have a ATA hd, 40GB. On another machine it was running in a hardware
RAID with a second 40GB disk, giving (on the old machine) 80GB.

Now I'm was trying to use this hd on a new computer without RAID, just
as a plain ATA hd. But the FC5 installer would always see it in
/dev/mapper/ directory as a 80GB hd. And I was wondering what do I have
to do so it wont be recognized as a RAID member (I guest that's why it's
in /dev/mapper) but as a regular ATA hd as (/dev/hda).

I've managed to achieve that by connecting the hd to a Win2K
workstation and using the disk admin utils made the whole disk a simple
NTFS volume and formated it. After that, putting again in to the
destination machine FC5 installer found it as /dev/hda with one NTFS
partition as /dev/hda1 just as expected.

I has hoping I can do that without taking the disk to a Win2k machine,
just using FC5 installer.

Thanks to all for help

AIKIDO TANREN DOJO  -   Poland - Warsaw - Mokotow - Ursynow - Natolin
info: http://www.tanren.pl/ phone: +48501516666 email: dojo tanren pl

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