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Re: Sendmail 'Too many connections' problem

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 11:42 -0400, Steven W. Orr wrote:
> On Tuesday, Sep 12th 2006 at 15:34 +0100, quoth Paul Howarth:
> =>Steven W. Orr wrote:
> =>> I run sendmail-8.13.8 at home to host my domain. Some domains will not
> =>> accept mail from me because my address is from a dynamic address pool so I
> =>> solved that problem by placing all of those domains in my mailertable and
> =>> now route those messages through my ISP(RCN). Recently I have noticed that
> =>> some of the mail is hanging for a while with 400 series messages saying 'Too
> =>> many connections'. I checked with RCN and after many wasted hours on hold I
> =>> found out that I need to limit the maximum number of connections to their
> =>> SMTP server to 4. Four shall be the counting. Five is too many and six is
> =>> right out!
> =>> 
> =>> Can someone please tell me what the incantation is to limit the number of
> =>> simultaneous connections to a particular server? I'm not looking to limit
> =>> incoming conncetions. I'm not looking to limit the rate of incoming or
> =>> outgoing connections. I just want to set the max nr of connections from me
> =>> to RCN to no more than four.
> =>
> =>Looking at the holy README file of Antioch in the sendmail-cf package, it
> =>appears that setting confHOST_STATUS_DIRECTORY and confSINGLE_THREAD_DELIVERY
> =>will have the result of limiting outbound connections to any one host to 1.
> =>Whilst this is not 4, it's likely to at least get your mail delivered
> =>eventually.
> =>
> =>Paul.
> Thank you Brother Maynard. (If only I had a Holy Hand Grenade to go with 
> it...) ;-)>
> No, 1 would be slower than 4 and I am already getting 4 since it's being 
> controlled at their end. I'm trying to be polite and limit only my 
> outgoing connections to their server to be 4. My mail *is* being 
> delivered, I just want to eliminate the 400 series code saying 'Too many 
> connections'.
Are you really sending enough outbound mail to their server that you
*need* the 4 connections?

Maybe you could try the one connection limit Maynard mentioned and see
if it has enough impact to noticeably slow down your outgoing mail.  If
not noticeable in the long run then it may be the needed solution.

If you are so centered on the need for speed that you are unwilling to
try a different configuration that may work, then so be it.

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