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Re: Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Mike McCarty wrote:

It really isn't necessary to quote everything which went before.

Saving the basic points.

[*] Well, not *completely* entirely :-) The code in the MBR makes
BIOS service calls to read the disc, and display messages on the
screen, using software interrupt services. But the MBR code is
in the driver's seat, and the BIOS is just a bunch of I/O services
at that point.

Thanks Mike for the explanation.
I was more interested if it was possible to boot from the active partitions instead of installing grub or another program into the master boot record specifically. It works, so I am happy that it is possible. I'll read up on the role of BIOS, the MBR to make the specifics more clear to me.



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