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Re: Ticketing System Resolution

On 12Sep2006 13:43, Doug Stewart <dstewart atl lmco com> wrote:
| Still, it's good. It also has caused our ticket numbers to go through
| the roof since all you need to submit a ticket is an email client... *grin*

Yes. That's a very useful thing to have.

In my former life I arranged that our ticket system (different to the one
you're using), so that email to "helpdesk" raised a ticket. Additionally
I arranged that email to the ticket id added the email to the ticket
log. This meant that we could then train our users (largely just by
starting email discussions) to CC the ticket id. The entire ticket
discussion then happened in email (i.e. in the user's mail reader of
choice) and nicely copied to the ticket.

Of course you have to ensure only internal email can read "helpdesk" and
the ticket id aliases to avoid spam, but it's very effective.

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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