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Re: FC5: Screensavers now working

Jim Lowman wrote:

Thanks, Jim. I now have all expected screensavers functioning. I have only two problems, and
they may be specific to my laptop, a Dell 8500:

--  Some of the screensavers appear to be running too fast

-- For some reason, the hyperball screensaver always has locked up occasionally on this
    laptop, but no problem on two other desktop Linux boxes.


I am not sure if you could run xscreensaver-demo in a terminal and make adjustments to the screensaver speeds in the configuration menu or not. The configuration changes might show up when gnome-screensaver kicks in.

Regarding the problem that hyperball has on your machine, earlier postings on this list suggested removing the binaries for the particular screensaver, changing the file to not be executable and similar tricks. If you removed gnome-screensaver and just used xscreensaver instead, you could deselect the troublesome screensavers in the xscreensaver-demo program. (yum erase gnome-screensaver will make xscreensaver-base the default.) I don't use gnome-screensaver myself.

When we write programs that "learn", it turns out we do and they don't.

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