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Re: NMI received for unknown reason 29 on CPU 0.

We solved thisone. After replacing the RAM modules the machine works perfectly.
No errors whatsoever.
Tony, thank you for your help.

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 4:24 PM +0200 9/6/06, Mitja Mihelic wrote:
Seems possible, though the voltage alarm at least doesn't do
anything here.  Try increasing the alarm thresholds.
How and where do I do that ?

man sensors.conf
Read the /etc/sensors.conf file.

How about the accompanying output ? It seems to be a problem with
the network card.

Accompanying output?

The strange thing is, that we have two identical machines, who
produce the same errors.
We instaleld one, and then cloned the installation for the second one.
I'm starting to lean more to the pissibility of a software problem.

Sure, that's why you're looking at the alarm thresholds, which are software.

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