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Re: Transferring mails from Thunderbird

On Wednesday 13 September 2006 03:16, Stéphane Bruno wrote:
> If  I already have mails in the new folder, will it not corrupt them ?
I assume that you have a much larger number in the old folder?  IIRC 
Thunderbird uses mbox format, where all the messages are in one large file.  
This is what I would do.

Re-name the new folder by adding '.sav' on the filename.  To be absolutely 
safe you may want to create a backup of the old one in the same way.  Open 
both that file and the old one in your favourite text editor.  Copy and paste 
the new file's contents to the end of the old one, and save the resulting 
text file to the place and filename that your 'new' folder had.

Since you have not overwritten either the new or old folder's mail you can 
easily get back to where you were if it doesn't work, but I think it will.


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