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Re: DNS problem

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
Hi list,

I've a DNS behaviour I don't understand.

1/ I've a DNS server which resolves mydomain.com and some aliases :
server.mydomain.com (the alias is put in the zone file like this   :
SERVER    A   the_ip)
2/ from the DNS server,all is right : dig mydomain.com and dig
server.domain.com give the good informations
3/ from a computer somewhere on the internet, a dig mydomain.com give
the Ip address of the server, but server.mydomain.com can't be resolved.

The only way to have resolutions is to give the ip address of my server
as the primary dns of the internet connexion, but unfortenaly, I can't
ask all people of the world to do this.....

Can somebody help me ?

If you replace all of the "SERVER", "mydomain.com" etc. names with their real values, you'll probably get a response telling you what the problem is.

In general, CNAME records are used for aliases but there are certain cases where you need to use an A record (e.g. where the name is to be used for email).


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