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OT: Inundated with bogus(?) warnings I'm infected

I'm getting inundated (like a few tens of e-mails a day) with
messages claiming that my machine has been identified as sending
a multitude of messages and is likely to be infected, or that
some e-mail I don't recognize was undeliverable. Both of them
recommend that I follow the attached instructions.

The attachment is a .zip which unpacks to a file named

text.doc                                      .scr

(many more spaces in the name than I put). For some of these,
I've managed to ascertain that they are actually Windows
executables. Sometimes my ISP warns me that the attachment
contains the W32 Mydoom M mm virus, and the content was
removed (in which case the .zip is 0 bytes). Other times
the "virus protection" was unavailable, and I am warned
that it wasn't run, and those are the ones I've looked

Would someone please help me in interpreting the headers
from these messages so I can ascertain where they originate,
and possibly get someone (who I presume is infected) either
cleaned or shut down?

Thanks very much for your time.

This message made from 100% recycled bits.
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