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Re: CD/DVD Verify

I *believe* what a lot of verification processes do (like checking the CD/DVD when you install various Linux flavors) is it actually holds checksums of the important files that it burned, and then mounts the CD and computes and compare those checksums to make sure they match up.

Or maybe you could compute the checksum on the ISO and then compare it to the CD?
man md5sum for reference

Jonathan Allen wrote:
Hi All,

I'm looking to write CDs and DVDs with (relatively) important data on them.
I'm building a filetree, using 'mkisofs' to turn that into an ISO image and
then using cdrecord to burn it onto the appropriate media.

So far, so good.  How can I verify that the media has recorded correctly ?
Do I have to mount the media and check each file, or is there some way to
verify the media itself against the ISO image file ?  I looked at 'readcd'
but it doesn't appear to do what I want - it actually seems to have some
difficulty reading the CD.  Any ideas ?


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