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Re: Red Hat Users Invited To Test RHEL 5

Jim Cornette wrote:
> taharka wrote:
> Thanks for mentioning the fact that it might be possible to test RHEL
> beta. Fedora is the testing ground for RHEL, so testing whatever Fedora
> testers have helped refine might be interesting to see how the decided
> choices stack up.

Anyone interested in the RHEL5 betas would be better served joining the
RHEL5 beta lists, rather than relying on off-topic posts about it here.

General discussion list for testers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
(Tikanga) Beta releases.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) announcement mailing-list

> One problem with the title for the messages. We are Fedora users, are we
> included in the beta testing or is it just for Red Hat users?

"This is a public beta.  Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone
who may be interested in testing this beta release."

William Hooper

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