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Re: help getting fc4 working with dual nics and vpn

On 9/13/06, Mike Wright <xktnniuymlla mailinator com> wrote:
Randy Paries wrote:
> hello,
> I have a linux box that is running fc4. It has two nics on it.
> One Nic has a public IP that is locked down tight with IPtables.
> the second nic is connected to a lan with 192.168.0.x ips.
> I have a VPN router that has a public IP that also connects to the
> 192.168.0.x lan.
> I am have problems i think with routing.
> if my default route on the linux box points to my main router with the
> public ip , i can access the linux box via the public IP (if i open up
> iptables), but i can not access the linux box via the VPN and the lan
> IP.
> if i change the default route on this linux box to be the VPN router,
> i can connect the linux box via the local ip (when logged into the
> VPN) , but can not longer connect to the public ip.
> i  think i need to add some route statements,

Definitely not a network guru and I've never worked with a VPN router
before, so I may be way off base, but if you're just trying to reach
some remote IP(s) by way of the VPN router you could try something like

"/sbin/ip route add REMOTE_IP/NETMASK via LAN_IP dev ethX"

If the remote IP(s) are on different subnets you would use multiple
statements.  Change ethX to whichever nic is connected to the VPN.

Hope it works!


the REMOTE_IP is that the IP of my client (ie laptop connected in a hotel room?)

if so , i guess this will not work since my IP on the cleint side will
always change, or is this the IP of the VPN ROUTER?


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