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Re: security issue help

Leon wrote:

My box running FC6 T3 has been warned by my College:

| We've been investigating an IRC botnet involving JANET hosts in
| coordination with the IRC network involved. It appears, from logs of
| connections to IRC channels, that xxxx.xxx.xxx.ac.uk is
| involved.
| | The other hosts involved so far have been compromised through an
| unknown
| vulnerability, possibly via. HTTP or SSH but we're not sure at this
| stage.
| | Please could you investigate as soon as possible and let us know what
| you find. Any information could be very helpful to the other JANET
| sites

Here is the question: how can I check if my computer is compromised?
Thank you.

I would first use rkhunter (command line: rkhunter -c) (Root Kit Hunter) install it if you don't have it.

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