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Re: Red Hat Users Invited To Test RHEL 5

William Hooper <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> wrote:

Jim Cornette wrote:
> taharka wrote:
> Thanks for mentioning the fact that it might be possible to test RHEL
> beta. Fedora is the testing ground for RHEL, so testing whatever Fedora
> testers have helped refine might be interesting to see how the decided
> choices stack up.

Anyone interested in the RHEL5 betas would be better served joining the
RHEL5 beta lists, rather than relying on off-topic posts about it here.

General discussion list for testers of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
(Tikanga) Beta releases.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Tikanga) announcement mailing-list

> One problem with the title for the messages. We are Fedora users, are we
> included in the beta testing or is it just for Red Hat users?

"This is a public beta. Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone
who may be interested in testing this beta release."

William Hooper

I think you missed the whole point of the original post.

It was merely to GENERATE intrest in others for helping with
the Red Hat beta. 

Anyone interseted could then join the other post and help
with the Red Hat beta.

All of this philosophical traffic on RHEL vs FEDORA is not needed
and is a waste of time.

I have never seen so many chips on the shoulders over such trivial
matters.............              :-( 

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