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Re: Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse Setup

Chris Spencer wrote:
I'm trying use a bluetooth keyboard/mouse (Celluon Laserkey CL800BT) with my PC, but I can't find anyway to set it up and I haven't found anything through Google. I can get some basic info via hcitool, but I can't find any way to pair it or use it as an HID device. Is there anything else I can do? Any help immensely appreciated.


[root atlas chris]# hcitool scan
Scanning ...
        00:0B:24:40:C7:83       CL800BT
[root atlas chris]# hcitool inq
Inquiring ...
        00:0B:24:40:C7:83       clock offset: 0x3ab6    class: 0x400210
[root atlas chris]# hcitool info 00:0B:24:40:C7:83
Requesting information ...
        BD Address:  00:0B:24:40:C7:83
        Device Name: CL800BT
        LMP Version: 1.1 (0x1) LMP Subversion: 0x291
        Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio (10)
        Features: 0xff 0xff 0x0f 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00
<3-slot packets> <5-slot packets> <encryption> <slot offset>
                <timing accuracy> <role switch> <hold mode> <sniff mode>
<park state> <RSSI> <channel quality> <SCO link> <HV2 packets> <HV3 packets> <u-law log> <A-law log> <CVSD> <paging scheme>
                <power control> <transparent SCO>

sudo hidd --connect 00:0B:24:40:C7:83

That should do it.

If you get a popup for a pin number, its usually 0000 (4 zeroes) but check the docs that came with it.

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