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Re: Triple boot:XP,ubuntu&FC5 grub failed

Mikko Silvennoinen wrote:
Hi !

I had sometimes help from installing Smart Boot Manager, it is OS independent and

I've used it as well. It also allows one to boot from devices
which the BIOS cannot recognize as bootable, as well. I have used
it to boot CDROMs on a machine which does not know how to boot from

can replace original code at MBR. Remember to use the backup feature first, to be able to
restore old MBR if necessary.

And be sure to put the copied MBR on a medium which is bootable
and contains the tools necessary to restore it, should the install
not work. I use an MSDOS bootable floppy with a little program
to put the MBR back.

It is a command line utility, that I found from Linux Format Magazine's cover CDs.

Current versions have a pseudo-graphical user interface.

It does not replace the need of Grub or Lilo, but let's you choose from which harddrive's MBR or
from which partition that has Grub or Lilo or XP you want to boot from.
It can scan for existing MBRs and partitions.

With some reservations, I agree with your assessment. It would not
work on the machine I am currently using, however, and for the
same reason GRUB does not work in the MBR. So it is not a solution
to the type of problem GRUB has on my machine.

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