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Re: Mysterious problem with sendmail

Hi Bob !

Bob Taylor wrote:

I am running FC3. My email has been working just fine until I noticed
that I wasn't receiving root's mail. Then fetchmail returned an error
"Access denied" for each mail. I checked every configuration file in my
mail system even re-installed sendmail with no luck. I started sendmail
debugging and finally noticed during sendmails conversation (after HELO)
that it returned the error "service not available". I finally decided to
re-install without wiping my partitions. Mail is now working again with
the same configuration files except mail from tcpwrappers seems to be
rejected. Don't know *why*

Any thoughts on this mystery is greatfully welcome.

BTW, FC is moving to fast for me on a dial up so I have been waiting for
RH to announce v5 so I can install Centos. I really like Fedora but my
pipe is too small and my ISP doesn't like for me to tie up a modem line.
I run FC4 and it works fine. Check that the sendmail service is running.
I use Thunderbird for reading root's mail.
I have nothing more than basic installation and making sure sendmail is running.
When I read mail, I am logged in as root.
Thunderbird account settings:
Server Type: Unix Movemail
Server Name: localhost
User name: root
Local directory: /root/.thunderbird/5jygzv2e.default/Mail/localhost

Mikko Silvennoinen

fn:Mikko Silvennoinen
org:Bittiainen Ltd
adr:48700  KOTKA;;Aijankatu 10 C 27;Kotka;;48700;Finland
email;internet:mikko pwar net
title:CEO, Hall. puh.joht.
tel;work:+358 (0)44 517 1260
tel;home:044 517 1260
tel;cell:+358 (0)44 517 1260
	Mikko Silvennoinen=0D=0A=
	Bitti=C3=A4inen Oy=0D=0A=
	=C3=84ij=C3=A4nkatu 10 C 27=0D=0A=
	48700  KOTKA=0D=0A=

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