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Re: FC5 strange Mozilla rendering slowness

Dean S. Messing wrote:
I have a strange mozilla problem.

When I go to <www.adobe.com> on my FC5 machine (running mozilla 1.7.13)
it takes forever and a day to render the page. I've tried it with
plugins installed (in particular flash and java) and with no plugins
at all.

gkrellm says that the bitrate is piddling: a few KB/s (like 4 or 5)
for many seconds.

On an older mandrake machine running Mozilla 1.7.2 that sits right
next to the FC5 machine and on the same hub, the rendering is
fast.  And I see a corresponding speedup of the bits coming in.
gkrellm shows the rate at around 200KB/s for a second or two.

On the other hand the FC5 machine seems to be able to download large
files via mozilla quite well.  I see data rates of 200KB/s or more.
And, furthermore, I don't have any other network slowness on the
I'm completely stumped. What could this be?


Mozilla is not maintained as well as before, it will not be included with FC6. However, there is seamonkey available in fedora-extras which keeps your same bookmarks and your same mail settings. Either application will see the same profile.

I have both mozilla and seamonkey installed. I used mozilla for some task and its rendering of web pages was pretty poor in comparison to seamonkey. You might get better behavior with seamonkey. Nothing should be lost with having both available for comparison and choice. The www.adobe.com page seemed to work fine with my tests using seamonkey.


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