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Re: Red Hat Users Invited To Test RHEL 5

Jeff Vian wrote:
On Wed, 2006-09-13 at 20:50 -0400, William Hooper wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
And what if *we* want the heads up to remind us of progress?
Or what if we are interested but needed a tiny nudge to go look at the
other distro produced by RH?
At least they are produced by the same company, even if in different
formats and with differing goals.  As long as the post does not become a
blatant plug and advertising scheme for RHEL on this list it is hardly a
More advertising has come from your complaints than from the initial

I was interested in the information from all that posted links and such to the different messages on lists which most are probably not subscribed to. I wondered about the availability to get the beta and the link William supplied answered that question.

Accessing the Software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Beta 1 is made available to existing Red Hat
Enterprise Linux subscribers via RHN.

So I guess I'll make do with Fedora and hope the software and preferences that I like are still an interest to include within RHEL. not for the sake of RHEL, but as a Fedora user. Quite a few of my favorite applications migrated from Fedora Core into Fedora-Extras, sor RHEL probably would be too slimmed down for my usage at home.


The number of arguments is unimportant unless some of them are correct.
		-- Ralph Hartley

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