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Re: Cups problem FC 5

On 9/14/06, david walcroft <david_walcroft yahoo com au> wrote:
Can not print at the moment as this error "open device failed; will
retry in 30 seconds..." keeps coming up in both my print profiles,I
restarted CUPS & HPLIP,deleted the lock file but to no avail.
  I'm using cups-1.2.3-1.2.
can somebody help please


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HI david!

My first guess, the printer is off (or out of toner / paper ), is
"disconnected" to you if it is network (any kind of connectivity
problem will do this) or if connected by cord, the cord is not
connected to the selected printer port.  See links:

# Note troubleshooting at bottom - with neat link to your local cups
web interface

# The CUPS site!

# If you are really despirate see chapter IIV:

Good Hunting!


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